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The Haemteam Trust

We are delighted to inform you that the Haemteam Trust is officially a registered PBO and will issue Certificate 18A for tax purposes.


So often even when good treatment is available patients are unable to access the lifesaving therapy they require due to problems with copayments and even with funding for basic supportive drugs such as pain killers.

The aim of the Haemteam Trust is therefore to help those who cannot afford ancillary payments and allow us to treat more patients and assist in ways that would have otherwise been impossible.

The Haemteam Trust is a discretionary trust funded by donations from patients and their families and will be independently run by administrators. It was started with generous contributions by families and friends of a very special patient and we hope that anyone who is able to will consider contributing to the trust.


Any donation no matter how small will be used to make a difference to those who cannot afford ancillary payments and will allow differences in treatment regimens that can be life changing.

For more information on the trust or any questions please contact Elané le Roux on 011 475 8451 or

94.7 Ride for a purpose!

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